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With its starting project, Al Motahajiba, Alsiddiqi Brands has grown to accommodate two other brands: Dary and Al Shal. Now committed to nurturing their own original brands, Alsiddiqi Brands designs and manufactures each and every piece to perfection before they are sold in our stylish and elegant stores.

“To ascertain brand expansion, we partner with like-minded passionate businesses that will showcase traditional ideas and concepts as well as sustain our high quality standards”.

Almotahajiba Signature
Third abaya brand from Al Siddiqi Brands, offering a level of luxury previously unseen in the Arab womenswear market.
Al Motahajiba is an upscale fashion brand for abayas, jalabiyas and sheilas.
Dary provides mid-range abayas, jalabiyas, and sheilas for the young and fashionable Arabian women.
Al Shal
Al Shal supplies the Arab men of today with prestigious and high quality thobs.

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