Qatar 2015 Handball World Championship
“Explosion of Fun” says it all… The concept is a full indoor theme park that combines the typical FEC (Family Entertainment Center) environment with Various Activity Rooms designed to encourage imaginative play, social and pretend play opportunities, skill development and other open-ended play opportunities. This takes the children from the “Fun & Play” world to the “Educate & Reward” world. Themed FEC, Arcades and Edutainment are Blended and Merged together in new facility that defy categories and labels. We call it “KABOOM”.

Kaboom provides children and their parents a safe, unique, and very enjoyable experience every time they visit the Place.

Is it a themed experience, amusements & thrill rides, edutainment, high-tech games or adventure? We leave it to the imagination of our children to decide…

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